Stories in the field

Sustaining lives and the environment

In the onset, I did not mind the NGO that came into our barangay (village) to operate. But after constant informal discourses with the Technician assigned, I decided to join the farmers association that was formed. Then I attended organizational meetings and seminars. We were trained on organic farming, agroforestry development, planting of forage crops for animals, and production of goats, chickens and pigs.

I was one of those who loaned for the purchase of goats. Since I learned the advantage of organic fertilizers, I no longer apply inorganic on our farm up to the present. What we are utilizing is goat manure. At that time we did not have enough supply of goat manure, we used bokashi (organic fertilizer) through another loan. Now that we have sufficient supply of this material, this is already the fertilizer that we use for our crops. My planted fruit trees are already big although not bearing fruit yet. The goats are also of great help to our livelihood. I was able to sell 5 goats already. During lean season and we don’t have money to buy, we will sell goat for rice, viand and other needs at home.

All in all, I would say that the project has helped a lot in enhancing our knowledge and improving our living conditions.

By: Lydia G. Paluga
Member, Committee on Organic & Agroforestry Villa Suerte Farmers Association (ViSFA)
Villa Suerte, Bilar, 

Earning income from home-made delicacies

The micro-enterprise project of our mothers’ organization has contributed a lot to our pockets through the percentage share that we get from the sales of our pastry products with our regular customers during town fiestas and in market outlets as well. The accumulated amount taken from the mark-up price of our commodities has helped defray the expenses for the daily needs of our respective families.

By: Remedios C. Yana 
Kapunongan sa mga Inahan alang sa Kaugmaran Chairperson
San Vicente, Baclayon, Bohol

Transforming human relations

Since the formation of Bantay Banay (Family Watch) group in our barangay (village), cases of domestic violence such as physical abuse to women and children have been lessened. As a barangay official and the focal person of Bantay Banay in Tagbuane, I have a great role. One of my roles that I have done is the issuance of Barangay Protection Order (BPO) to the perpetrator of wife battery. Because of the BPO issued, it was observed that the negative attitude of the husband towards his wife has improved.

In similar situation, after talking to our neighbor who physically abused his child and told him of the new law on Child Abuse, I have also noticed that the father seemed to have reformed and I have never heard him beating his child again.

I am thankful to PROCESS-Bohol in organizing Bantay Banay in our barangay who contributed a lot to the transformation of human behaviors of some of our barangay constituents in treating their family members and close relatives.

By:Kag. Gabriel Gamil
Brgy. Official & Bantay Banay Focal Person
Tagbuane, Alburquerque, Bohol

Community-managed micro-lending project

We, the fishers and farmers who are members of the Tangohay Fisherfolk Association (TAFA) had difficulty in borrowing money for farm production and fishing paraphernalia. Most of the lending groups have very high interest rates which the members could not afford to pay. The organization envisions helping its members improve their meager income. It then started to provide loans to its members with only 1% interest rate. The micro-lending project of the organization has now a total capital of PhP340,000.00 catering to 60 members. The successful implementation of the project is attributed to the support and assistance of PROCESS-Bohol.”

By: Rafael Jumao-as
Tangohay Fisherfolk Association (TAFA)
Barangay Tangohay, Dimiao, 

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